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Episodi Grachi 2 In Italiano [2022-Latest]




Similar High school's big man the big bad wolf has been captured! Just add DNA analysis to an already well-stuffed episode. After Randy goes to the bathroom the DNA test show up and it doesn't take long to determine that he is the big bad wolf. What's the problem, of course, is that Randy didn't kill the cookie monster, he ate it. So when Randy's mom answers the door and tells him that they are having a bonfire party that is so great that it lasts all night, it doesn't take Randy long to decide that he wants to go. But while he is enjoying himself with the neighborhood kids, his thoughts are elsewhere. He is thinking about Mr. Newman and how he ended up being the wolf. Later that night, with his mom and Randy's favorite cookie still in his back pocket, he sneaks off and heads for the woods. He's looking for a glimpse of candy and cookies and of course his best friend. While he's running from Mr. Newman he ends up encountering a lost puppy. How great is that? Can Mr. Newman outrun the big bad wolf? Comments I watched the show here on TV, and it got real steamy! Seeing how the animal DNA test shows Randy is the wolf and eating his mom's chocolate chip cookie was for sure awesome! This is the second time Randy was the wolf and the other time he was the jaguar who stalked Teddy the tiger! I liked the part where the wolf makes the pups go crazy! I guess Randy does really like animals! The episode was so awesome! "Come in! I am Randy the wolf," Randy said with a big smile on his face. "And this is the big bad wolf," he said with a big grin. "There's a whole lot of bad wolves around here." Randy laughed and shook the big bad wolf's hand. "Are you hungry? I could tell you about all the wonderful food I eat," the big bad wolf said. "I'm starving," Randy said. "I could sure use some of your burgers." The wolf smiled. "I think we should run for awhile and then eat. The forest will make a good a place to run," the wolf said. "I'll show you a great spot to run and eat." "I'm all for it," Randy said. The big bad wolf smiled and let Randy lead him to a cozy spot in the woods. Randy sat down and took




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Episodi Grachi 2 In Italiano [2022-Latest]

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